Iran’s new dark-shipping tactics to export gas to Asia

A visual open-data investigation examines new export tactics by Iran and how the US sanctioned-plagued nation may have managed to smuggle liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) out of the country for sale to Asia.

Following the tracks of Iranian LPG sales (TJ, Dreamstime)

What may have happened?

The ownership structure of Gas Sellan involves ‘Vietnam Gas and Chemicals Transportation Corp’ (also called CUU Long Petro Gas Service — source: VesselsValue). The Gas Sellan is currently based off the coast of Vietnam, at times of writing.
Valuation information on the GAS SELLAN (source: VesselsValue)

Methodology and timeline:

Timeline: step by step of AIS records and anchorage stoppages

Timeline of potential transshipping between April 23 and 28, 2020
The Lauren (Dennis Mortimer,
March 26th, 2020 on the right, the Lauren docks at the port of Asaloyeh, Bushehr Province, Iran (27.54854638529386, 52.53972312608537). Two days later, the 114m long vessel is gone to meet another ship at sea in UAE EEZ (courtesy of Planet Labs)
GAS SELLAN (image by Darab Jokar,
Analysis by maritime analysis firm VesselsValue and intelligence from its trade platform
The Lauren in June, again in the port of Asaloyeh, Bushehr Province, Iran (27.54854638529386, 52.53972312608537) — European Space Imaging

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