How to verify right-wing group affiliation with open-source intelligence

What happened last week in Washington, D.C. shows there is a need for journalists to be able to recognize who belongs to right-wing domestic terrorist groups. Below some OSINT tools that aid along the way and how to use them.


Reading the signs


Fonts to compare our visual OSINT research with
From BR story and font comparison
Yandex image search
Quick side note: I noticed that if you use Bing search, the search engine uses an automatic text recognition feature that might come in handy if you need to copy-paste text from an image or logo for another separate search.
Left: Sales page of the vile piece of clothing (similar) worn at the riot at Capitol Hill; Right: a review a buyer left from Edinburgh
Illinois Congresswoman Mary Miller didn’t slip or improvise when she quoted Hitler, Twitter handle @MarkMaxwellTV says
Proud Boys and their ‘friends’ posing to the WP hand sign
Credit: Jim Urquhart/Reuters; Sidenote: here an interesting Twitter thread by Scott Railton on the person with the orange hat in the building
Image of Capitol Hill incident and reverse image search result for t-shirt
eBay seller
Left: Link; Right: link

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